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Harry Stebbings is leaving Stride, the VC firm he founded with Fred Destin

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    TC-Startups Harry Stebbings is leaving Stride, the VC firm he founded with Fred Destin

    Harry Stebbings, the podcaster-turned-VC, is stepping down as a partner of Stride, the London-based venture capital firm he co-founded with Fred Destin, formerly of Accel.

    In a series of tweets, Destin said that Stebbings won’t be involved in Stride’s second fund (though he’ll remain a partner in fund one), and will instead be focusing on his podcast franchise “The Twenty Minute VC” and running his own micro fund, the aptly titled “20VC”.

    “Harry’s 20VC podcast has remained his passion and been flying high, creating opportunities that are hard to ignore. My bud wants to lean even harder into the 20VC platform,” tweeted Destin.

    In the same Twitter thread, Destin said he remains “fully committed to Stride and what the team is building”. That team, however, has seen a plethora of personnel changes since the VC firm officially unveiled in late 2018. Most recently, Paris-based partner Pia d’Iribarne departed and has since co-founded New Wave. Stride also lost operating partner Arj Soysa about a year earlier. He’s now a finance director at Mubadala Capital in Europe.

    Alongside Destin, Stride’s current team members include investor Pietro Invernizzi, and finance and operations partner Ross W., according to LinkedIn.

    Both Stebbings and Destin declined to comment further, pointing me to Destin’s tweets.

    1. Big news out of Stride today everyone! In 2021, Harry and I will be blazing new trails, but we will be hiking to different coordinates

    — Fred Destin (@fdestin) February 7, 2021