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Prior Registration - Read to get Approved! ** MUST READ BEFORE REGISTRATION! VERY IMPORTANT.**

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Default Must Make An Intro Thread In Order To See The Forum ** Read Rules Inside **

Hello Dear Visitor, we are glad you came over to visit!

IQ69.com Is a community of Webmasters & Internet web related business people. in order to keep the quality we need to know who is joining us so we can collaborate easier & won`t ask same questions again and again.

Please read those rules and follow them to create a PROPER Introduction thread.

State the following:

1) Who are you. (Name/Profession/Where Are you From/Age/Any additional information is welcome.)

2) How did you find us?
* If a friend told you, please state that friend. (nickname on forum)
* If you found us through some website OR certain search engine please state that site or the "query" you found us in the search engine.

3) Put your sites in signature

If you do do make ANY introduction thread you will NOT BE APPROVED
if you don't make make a PROPER introduction thread you will NOT BE APPROVED

This is done for one reason only, so we know WHO we approve inside our community not to invade your personal life. everyone inside the forum has undergone this procedure and ONLY Registered members will be able to see this information. so google wont pick it up, and neither random people.

To view links or images in signatures your post count must be 0 or greater. You currently have 0 posts.
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